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Anno di pubblicazione:

Paul Valéry- Albert Einstein

Mimmo Paladino

50x35 cm - 28 pp. - 35+XV+9+4



Codice Colophon :

Composizione testo e stampa su Amatruda da 200 g a cura di Rodolfo Campi. Legatura di Sandro Francescon e Fabio Reolon

Valéry's letter to Einstein from 1933, as a sign of solidarity against the racist policy of Nazism, and the Einstein's response of thanks. Texts published in original and in transcription, and translation in French, German, English and Italian. Two aquatint etchings and two original linocuts by Mimmo Paladino, numbered and signed, printed by Roberto Giudici. Preface by Marina Giaveri and afterword by William Marx. Texts composed and printed by Rodolfo Campi on pure cotton 200g Amatruda. Binding by Sandro Francescon.